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Strategy Assessments

Whether you are just getting started or well on your way, CXAdvisors Group can help you develop a CX strategy, or fine-tune the one you have, and build an execution roadmap tailored to the unique needs of your organization.

Our strategy assessment tool, developed by the TribeCX network of global CX practioners, measures your current level of CX maturity and identifies your biggest opportunities across four pillars of CX Success: Vision, Design, Culture, and Learning. 

We know our Strategy Assessment methodology works because is it was developed by CX practioners who have led CX strategy at some of the world's leading brands.  The result is a CX strategy and roadmap you can share with confidence with your senior leadership team and internal stakeholders.

Want to get started?  Contact us now for your free CX capabilities assessment:

Voice of Customer

Every successful CX strategy begins with a deep understanding of what matters most to your customers.  It is critical that your VoC program provides accurate, timely, and actionable insights at every stage of your customer journey.  If not, you're flying blind.

Getting top scores is no longer enough.  Research shows that how your customers feel about their experience is more important than the experience itself.  The best VoC programs now include finely-tuned text analytics engines to discern the customer's level of emotional engagement.

  • “Emotion…has a bigger effect on customer loyalty than effectiveness or ease in 17 of the 18 industries that we track.”  Forrester (2015)

  • "81% of consumers with high emotional engagement promote a brand they are loyal to among family and friends."  Capgemini (2017)

Dave Mingle, CXAdvisors Group's founder and principal, has run VoC programs for two of the leading automotive brands.  In addition, we are Council Members of the TribeCX global network of CX practioners and have built relationships with leading VoC service providers, giving us unparalleled access to the best minds in VoC from across the globe.

CXAdvisors Group can help you design a VoC program that gets you the quality feedback you need, drives customer engagement, and delivers the business outcomes you want. 


Having a great strategy and a roadmap is only the beginning of the journey.  You also need the resources to ensure timely execution and sustained success.

Our engagement model makes your team the hero by empowering them with the tools and coaching they need to be self-sufficient as quickly as possible.  You decide how much support you need.  If the online tools are enough, perfect!  If the team needs onsite or phone support to get going, that’s OK too.  We define success by how quickly you don’t need us, not by how long you do.

Our suite of online tools, communities, and reporting were developed by the TribeCX global network of CX practitioners who know what it takes to manage CX transformation efforts at global scale.   The toolkits are available on a subscription basis, with discounts available based on the number of seats and length of contract.  


Being able to phone a Trusted Advisor for reassurance, or when crossroads inevitably present themselves, is an invaluable resource to anyone leading organizational change.

Our coaches understand more than just the theory behind CX.  They’ve done it, at global scale.  Each coach has 24/7 access to the TribeCX global network of CX practitioners, giving them the ability to respond quickly with the road-tested advice and insights your team needs.

Keynote Speaker

David Mingle, Principal and Founder of CXAdvisors Group and former Global Director of CX Strategy at General Motors, is a passionate public speaker and CX thought-leader. 

He has keynoted at major symposiums such as Salesforce’s Dreamforce, Pegasystem’s PegaWorld, Chief Customer Officer USA, Loyalty 360, Customer Response Summit, and many more. 

Major brands have also invited him to speak at their Executive Leadership forums and Key-Client conferences.

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